“We utilize local, organic ingredients, sustainable seafood & pasture raised meats. while showcasing our southern Italian culture and traditional recipes. We believe in letting our ingredients speak for themselves, respecting the sea and eating well.”


Nettuno, established by husband and wife, Joe & Jocelyn, is a local, Italian, market-driven mobile restaurant, celebrating a Sea To Street philosophy.

"Nettuno" is Italian for Neptune, Roman god of fresh water and the sea. All of their "cibo di strada" (street food) is made to order for you in their beautifully restored 1955 Chevy step van. 

Joe & Jocelyn have a strong connection to their Italian heritages.  They've taken multiple inspirational trips throughout northern and southern Italy, drawn mostly to the regions of Puglia and Campania, specifically Taranto, Naples and the Amalfi coast where both of their families are from.

After Joe was laid off from a job in orthopedic sales, Jocelyn encouraged him to follow his passion, cooking.  At that time, food trucks were becoming very popular, and Joe knew they needed something different; Something that would set them apart from other food trucks while they were witnessing the height of the boom. They lived in Brooklyn, NY when they purchased the truck, but moved back to the beach (Asbury Park) to start the business.

As for the name, Nettuno, they had this on their short list of names for the business when they took their second trip to Italy.  While on the Amalfi coast, they met a fisherman whose boat was named "Nettuno" and they took that as a sign!